Being put on hold is a good thing!

Dear Caller,

It was always about you, Dear Caller.
Did you know that when we put you on hold, this is so we can help you best?
It is a good thing.
Sometimes we don’t have the answers for all your weird and wonderful questions right at our finger tips but we can find out.
For example;

Do you remember that time you were asked to hold after asking for an appointment the same night after 6pm when our office actually closes at 5pm.  Well I, your Customer Carer was checking to see if one of our practitioners would be happy enough to stay back and fit you in.

Or perhaps you might remember the time I asked if you would mind holding while I check the schedule for you.  What we didn’t want you to know or to raise alarm and affect your trust with us was that the computer system has been playing up for the last 30 mins.  I am double checking and ensuring helping you will be correct and as anticipated.

As real people we answer your call to listen and get the direction as to where to go to help you best.  We use technology and knowledge bases to provide you the caller the answers and invite you to do more with the business while attempting to keep your trust and engagement.

However to prevent the uncomfortable silence or you getting that feeling we do not know what we are doing  we will place you on hold to refresh a system, get the right answer, double check, consult a college and be able to say yes instead of no or have all the available options so we can give you the best choices. It was always about you.

In Kind,

Your Carer – Kirsten

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