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Please see what some of our existing customers have to say about our Virtual Medical Reception service.

Great work whole team! Thank you for your professionalism and for being an important part of our Physiotherapy Team here in WA.


Physiotherapy - WA 27th July 2021

In reference to this call number: 20210714103859 Great work to this GO Carer for offering our other practitioners even though the client was referred to Dave directly. The language advising we have a great team that is available to help is amazing! The client is in great hands with our other practitioner.


Osteopathy Centres VIC - 14th July 2021

Fantastic week team!! Well done. A cracking week so far, 12 new patients and 💯 rebooking rate!! Fantastic work guys. Really well done and a great start to the year 🙌


Osteopathy Centre - VIC 18/01/2021

Your service has been wonderful, and to the point that my clients actually thought you were all working in the practice per se, which is your intended goal being virtual.  I am more than happy to recommend your services and thanks again for all of your support to you and the whole team.


Chiropractic - NSW 4th Feb 2021

Client email feedback: " What great customer service you just gave me, Thank you for assisting and answering all my questions. You don't often get that these days so that was really cool to connect with you [Surfing wise] the way we did. Got your email with all the appointment details thanks, I'm really looking forward to meeting Darce. 


Sports Massage - Richmond VIC 5th Jan 2021

A new patient had advised that "The receptionists are amazing," as she detailed that we are doing the job so well and are not lazy receptionists like a lot of people over the phone she has spoken to for other health businesses. Great work team this is an awesome compliment! - Foot Clinic Qld July 2020


Foot Clinic - Qld 13th July 2020

Thank you for giving us the additioal help! We appreciate your support now and over many years! I'm always getting comments about how good the person over the phone is. They always think they must be sitting at our reception desk in Richmond. Let's keep in touch as government policies are changing daily.


Functional Science VIC - 30th March 2020

High Appraisals from patients regarding the GOHealth Carers phone manner. Great Job everyone! Keep up the awesome work.


Osteopathy ACT - 30th March 2020

I/B Email 14/02/2020 at 4.41pm "Good day team I would like to thank you for all your hard work over the last 12 months. The clinic is working well and we are able to grow with confidence that we can manage the increase load when it comes. "


Anesthesiology QLD - 14th Feb 2020

Just had a lady on the phone and she wanted to thank Carer Kirsty for all your help with getting her orthotics sorted. She had her questions all answered and is very happy.


Podiatry QLD - 27th Jan 2020

Really pleased with the support and it is going really well. Would love us to train the Medical Centre Reception Staff where we have our rooms who are shades of green compared to our, GO Health Carers. Really looking forward to 2020 and we will do an update in January.


Psychology - 23 Dec 2019

Thanks so much for the heads up. You guys at GOHealth have been terrific all year and deserve the break. We hope you all have the best Christmas period. on


Muscle Therapies MELBOURNE - 11 Dec 2019

Hey Team, Just wanting to let you know that a patient I had today Tom provided me with some amazing feedback in regards to our call team and custom service. He is someone who has working in hospitality his whole working career and was so happy with your professionalism and ease with booking. He could not have spoken more nicely about his experience calling us and was more then happy with me to pass on the feedback. Great work team! keep it up! 3/10/2019 Email


Podaitry - October 2019

Our Doctor called very impressed with the level of care especially a call last week that was a real stand out for him, great work team. Inbound Phone call 29/8/2019

Dr Grant

Vein Specialist - August 2019

Louise booked in today with our Melbourne Health Client and wants to steal me away for her business! At the end of the call she thanked me for my help and said that as someone who works with phone customer service that I was wonderful in service manner and had received excellent training! 20 June 2019


GO Health Carer

Carers you are doing a great job booking new people with our newest Podiatrists. Please keep this up as I need them busy. Please continue to offer appointments with them before myself unless someone specifically requests me or a particular day when I have free appointments. Things are working Well. 7/04/2019


Podiatry - Adelaide

New record for Adelaide. 24 new clients booked in last week. Our previous record was 18. You smashed it Go Team, so Thank You. We are on our way to world domination in a peaceful, hippy kind of way. You girls are first class and have handled our clients beautifully. Your ability to engage clients in conversation whilst you are searching for information is great. Thank you.


Science Massage

I wanted to pass on the fact that we had three compliments in the last few weeks for one of our GO Carers, Laura. All Three clients asked if she was on premise, were then surprised to learn she was part of an off-site reception service and said she was very friendly and "spot on". Please pass on our thanks to her! Finally I want to pass on my thanks for this year's assistance to all our Carers. Please know we are very grateful and hope you all have a beautiful Christmas and enjoy some well-deserved time off over New Year!


Remedial Massage - Brisbane December 2018

I just wanted to thank you so much for the whole effort this year. I am so happy with the GO service and hope to continue with you guys for ever!


Physiotherapy Sydney - December 2018

Thank you for helping me reach my highest number of clients for a year. I really appreciate the effort you have all given this year.


Podiatrist - Perth WA - December 2018