Yes, we are REAL LIVE PEOPLE who answer your calls.

We are proud to be AUSTRALIAN based, with a dedicated team who are employed either full -time or part-time.
Thanks to technology our team members can work in more than one location and prevents
us losing great team members to lifestyle changes and being a part of our business indefinitely.

We come from all different backgrounds but one thing is the same…we have a CARING ATTITUDE.

We use a what’s called POD, a dedicated team of customer carers assigned to your Health Clinic.

Our POD Structure is also what allows us to provide extended live answering times across the work week including Saturday.
Along with the POD Structure our Conceirging Carers have 7 Player In The Day Strategies to support the logistics of care for many different health clients.
This also solves your business problem of one receptionist missing calls, opening access to not just your POD Carers but those conceirging Carers that can most definately
support your callers quick questions of reschedule, how much is my session going to be?, confirming appiontments and location assistance.

Redland Bayers Centre– Elite and Help Desking Concierging Team

Residing Carer Chief :  Natalie

Lead Swift In Carer:  Megan                                    GOHealth GP & Specialist Concierge Carer:  Jessie

                                                                GOHealth Concierge Carer:  Tamara                                         GOHealth GP Specialist Carer:  Rea



GOLD TOWN BRANCH - Swift In Concierge and GP Reception Specialists

Aligned directly with our Redland Bay Centre in Your Care

Residing Operations Captain : Andrea

GO Health GP & Concierging Carer:  Louise                   GOHealth Senior Carer & Facilities Manager:  Chris

                                                                 GO Health Concierging Whiz Carer:  Molly                          GOHealth GP Concierging Carer: Undine

                                            GOHEALTH GP Concierging Carer:  Sam


As your Carer Chief here the motivation and keeping the team working well for our businesses is my focus. It is us the Carer that make the difference in your business and I am glad to front our vision of care and promote this to new health businesses and our team for synergy. Tyson my K9 Buddy is often here in the centre. Tyson is able and willing to accept all pats from the carer team and be a stress reliever. Life outside GO Health Reception sees me out in the great outdoors via the 4WD, camping and fishing with Tyson. The time goes fast when you are on shift since there is always something different to excel at or work on and make a difference. Just need to convert a few more Carers to my love of country music.


I bring the high fives to our team and customers can’t get enough of the good vibes from good service, atmosphere and working together. My past trade and technical service background helps when working out different address locations and travel times between different home visits, practices or locum needs. I am am also the site manager here looking after our hardware and infrastructure keeping the team connected in your business. When not helping your patients over the phone in your business, I am spending my hard earned dollars on the hobby farm or running my teen kids to their different activities like french classes and athletics events. In the quieter times creating music is a passion.


Undine or Dina to friends is our Aussie German. You may hear that european accent over the phones. Undine is such a warm and uplifting person to be around. Undine has supurb scheduling experience and her travels around the globe have brought her to reside in Gympie Qld. Undine is passionate about health, permaculture and truly believes there is a balance between technology and self sufficiency in harmony with the earth. Quick to pick up scheduling variations, zoom down for street views on google map to help your lost clients and making calling patients feel comfortable and heard is Undine's talent.


Molly just likes to help people and figure out new ways to do this. Molly truly likes to learn, work things out and is brave to put in place all kinds of different plays and scenario needs for our Health Clinic businesses keeping them unique and valued by their community. Molly's family relocated from regional NSW a few years ago to Sunny QLD which means Molly finds different towns and directions easy to give and traffic direct with your callers. With a special interest in marketing and social media we will see Molly take more of an active roll in the communication GOHealth Reception sends out to you in the future.


GOHealth Reception is the first place I have worked where the concentration is on acknowledging great work in our team meetings and progressing forward instead of all the negatives. GO Health Reception definitely extends our thinking and ability to interact with the ever evolving works with positive difference to our health clients. I an confident across may different types of health businesses and applying the differences in each. I have a natural ability to Q&A our works and often do the reviews of our quality discovering where we should spend our time to keep our standard of care high. Megan brings the love of unicorns to the office and also keeps up to date with nail art techniques. Her new love is pup : Clancy.


What a delight not to be in Brisbane's peak hour travel for work. Jessie joined the GOHealth Reception team to really build on a solid foundation of health reception in radiology. Jessie seeks out the things that need to be done with attention to detail and remaining calm under pressure. Jessie understands the importance to maintain and offer a friendly, confidential and polite care to achieve effective relationships in any of our customer focused businesses.


Just could not beat the value for money when a year ago we made the decision to leave Sydney and relocate to our haven outside of the town of Gympie. Then to discover there was work here that proactively engages professionally for medical professionals here in a regional area has been perfect. It has been a pleasure to join The GOHealth Reception Gold Town Team and help our Cliniko health clinics around Australia and use my specialist centre expertise in a whole new way. You may notice Louise's english accent. Born in England and moved to Australia a good number of years ago now.


Customer care never gets old even for me as the Captain. Experience has seen people after one of our calls turn and treat their families and staff better and engage more with their health professional to improve their lives instead of staying in pain cycles. Being apart of bringing the potential or existing patients to the business, addressing options to attend and hearing the hope for their health and lives makes our business life here worth it. When I am not brainstorming with business owners or answering your calls, you will find me escaped with my human kids on the urban farm. Horses, K9 buddies, Messi the rescue cat, minature goats and 2 super friendly lambs, Speckle Park Cattle and bantam chickens keep me connected to the country.


Samantha is our home grown Aussie Gympie resident. Samantha brings that fresh faced dedication to health concierging that we love to nuture and broader her skills of communication with all walks of life. From a young age Sam has been holding down a part time job and has also gained ongoing achievements at work and completed her Cert 111 in Business in December 2021. Sam really is an independant aand cheerful person who is eager to learn and help others. In her spare time Sam loves to play volleyball.


Rea is a natural go getter who is also doing her bridging studies at University to commence learning in her allied health profession of choice. Rea appreciates a team that can be all hands on deck once those calls start rolling in and we need to harness all our concierging skills to support as many people as possible at that time. Rea appreciates being appreciated for a job well done! If you strive for it you also natrually give appreciation right back and your call patients will feel empowered.


Tamara brings easy to your caller relationship. Callers report being understood about their feelings or ideas and communicated with well. The communication needed to grow a successful netball association as the council member of the Logan City Netball Association demonstrates Tamara's organisation skills. Tamara thrives in a positive and often face paced environment like GOHealth Reception.


Working behind the scenes because I enjoy the checks, spreadsheets and invoicing. You generally see my name on your invoice emails and often help our Operations Captain responding to your business customer questions. For several years now I have worked with the team allowing me more flexibility with my family and still feeling an important part of the operations of Local Customer Carers by completing the needed support tasks that I am naturally great at.