Staff at GO Health Reception

Yes, we are REAL LIVE PEOPLE who answer your calls.

We are proud to be AUSTRALIAN based, with a dedicated team who are employed either full -time or part-time.
Thanks to technology our team members can work in more than one location and prevents
us losing great team members to lifestyle changes and being a part of our business indefinitely.

We come from all different backgrounds but one thing is the same…we have a CARING ATTITUDE.

We use a what’s called POD, a dedicated team of customer carers assigned to your Health Clinic.

Our POD Structure is also what allows us to provide extended live answering times across the work week including Saturday.
This also solves your business problem of one receptionist missing calls or multi-tasking by having access to a group of trained Carers on your business.

POD 1 – The Swifts “Great things come in small packages”

Senior Health Carer:  Kirsty                           GO Health Carer:  Taylor

Lead and Specialist Carer:  Laura                  GO Health Carer: Tabitha

GO Health Carer:  Megan


POD 2 – The Espressos “Bring 2 basic ingredients with steam makes the perfect brew”

Carer Chief:  Natalie                           GO Health Carer:  Tania             GO Health Carer: Gemma

Senior Health Carer & Site Manager:  Chris

POD 3 – The Hearts “Beat To the same drum creating a rhythm”

Carer Lead: Natalie GO Health Carer: Margaret

GO Health Carer: Lauren


As your Carer Chief here the motivation and keeping the team working well for our businesses is my focus. That does not stop me answering your calls and striving to work out different ways we can impact your customers better through language and building a brave team of people here bringing their best to work each day and can see our vision. My horse background definitely ensures I have a lot in common with many of the team. Life outside GO Health Reception sees me out in the great outdoors via the 4WD, camping and fishing. The time goes fast when you are on shift since there is always something different to excel at or work on and make a difference. Just need to convert a few more Carers to my love of country music.


I bring the high fives to our team and customers can’t get enough of the good vibes from good service, atmosphere and working together. My past trade and technical service background helps when working out different address locations and travel times between different home visits, practices or locum needs. I am am also the site manager here looking after our hardware and infrastructure keeping the team connected in your business. When not helping your patients over the phone in your business, I am spending my hard earned dollars on the hobby farm or running my teen kids to their different activities like french classes and athletics events. In the quieter times creating music is a passion.


I’m nicknamed “Pocket Rocket”. Tiny in statue but I just love co-ordinating and being totally hands on. If I can’t find it, no one can and I have the sunniest outlook. As a Senior Carer, triaging and problem solving through the different systems ensures I am never bored. The work variety and the other Carers who just jump in to help when it is needed at GO Health truly make it the best environment. The big plus is I get the flexibility needed for my young family and stay connected to my animal family (yes I have a small farm). I thrive on acknowledgement and pro activeness will forge us through the tough times together.


I have progressed here to be a Specialist GO Health Carer working on more complex order and communication requirements for some of our practitioners and their patients. I have mastered patient crm systems like Healthkit, Cliniko, PowerDiary, Coreplus and mindandbody just to name a few and love to find the answers to investigations. I am proud to be working at GO Health Reception as I am able to show my son's great work ethic and that their Mum is involved in helping others. I keep the tunes in the background at the operations centre up to date and Carers tapping along. Multi-modality clinics are also my specialty.


Getting back into the workforce after having your first child can be tricky especially when you know you love working, contributing and saving to buy your first home. GO Health Reception's unusual approach to interviewing and setting you up for success by allowing you to show what you can do, sees me happy as a GO Health Carer. I have great family support and roster flexibility to allow me to be present and engage in the ever changing role in virtual concierge, be a mum and also study from home. This is definitely a challenge and I accept the challenge to make a difference in the amazing health businesses around Australia that need awesome customer care and busy schedules.


GO Health Reception has provided the flexibility that was needed in life when I made the choices to change the direction of my profession. After several years of full time work at Flight Centre the move to start university studies in nursing meant the need for work life flexibility. GO Health Reception has provided that flexibility and there is so much to learn and dive into here but my past skills gathered at flight centre have set me up to succeed here in the virtual concierge roles for the businesses we support. The massive bonus is having our operation centre not in the centre of Brisbane and not getting stuck in traffic.


After working at the Redlands City Council and starting my Nail Art Business my brain craved the problem solving and team dynamic. GO Health Reception definitely extends our thinking and ability to interact with the concieging works with positive difference to the Health Businesses we are working on behalf of and inviting their callers to do more in their communities. Outside of my work shifts I also get to hang out with my K9 buddy who knows exactly what time dinner is.


Health and mediation is important to me and outside of call caring I am studying Event Management. I bring the international flare to our GO Team Carer Team. Spain is my home land and also I speak several other languages fluently. It is so good not to have to commute into Brisbane City and loose those hours in the day. My past experience with Home Doctor Services, travel consultancy and working on the dark side of phone calls - telemarketing, makes working here at GO Health Reception a better life - work balance.


Customer care never gets old even for me as the Captain. Experience has seen people after one of our calls turn and treat their families and staff better and engage more with their health professional to improve their lives instead of staying in pain cycles. Being apart of bringing the potential or existing patients to the business, addressing options to attend and hearing the hope for their health and lives makes our business life here worth it. When I am not brainstorming with business owners or answering your calls, you will find me escaped with my human kids on the urban farm. Horses, K9 buddies, Messi the rescue cat and bantam chickens keep me connected to the country.


Customer Service experience at Woolworths has set me up for success. Transitioning into virtual concierge is a breath of fresh air and a positive career advancement. My pride and joy is Chips, my dog. I am a quick learner and the GO Team Carers instill the confidence we need to provide care better than anyone else over the phone in your business. I am proud to be a GO Health Carer.


Working behind the scenes because I enjoy the checks, spreadsheets and invoicing. You generally see my name on your invoice emails and often help our Operations Captain responding to your business customer questions. For several years now I have worked with the team allowing me more flexibility with my family and still feeling an important part of the operations of Local Customer Carers by completing the needed support tasks that I am naturally great at.


Feels good to work in our call environment. Customer Care makes me feel great and I have loads of both personal and professional experience with the NDIS. I am a Redlands local for many years and glad to bring the mature GO Health Carer vibe to our team.