Yes, we are REAL LIVE PEOPLE who answer your calls.

We are proud to be AUSTRALIAN based, with a dedicated team who are employed either full -time or part-time.
Thanks to technology our team members can work in more than one location and prevents
us losing great team members to lifestyle changes and being a part of our business indefinitely.

We come from all different backgrounds but one thing is the same…we have a CARING ATTITUDE.

We use a what’s called POD, a dedicated team of customer carers assigned to your Health Clinic.

Our POD Structure is also what allows us to provide extended live answering times across the work week including Saturday.
Along with the POD Structure our Conceirging Carers have 7 Player In The Day Strategies to support the logistics of care for many different health clients.
This also solves your business problem of one receptionist missing calls, opening access to not just your POD Carers but those conceirging Carers that can most definately
support your callers quick questions of reschedule, how much is my session going to be?, confirming appiontments and location assistance.

Springers Centre/Springwood– Serviced Office & Help Desking Concierging Team

GOHealth Concierge Specialist Carer: Sahra                                   GOHealth Orienteering Carer:  Olivia

GOHealth Senior Concierging Carer:  Chris                                GOHealth  Lead Concierging Carer: Andrea

                        GOHealth Concierging Accounts Carer: Julie




Olivia is our Orienteering Carer who you will hear on your phones when she is outside the university study schedule. Currently studing Year 2 Biomedicine, Olivia is a natural in care and has a fundamental connection to helping people through healthcare. Olivia works wonders with email channels getting results to practitioners, referrals uploaded and called to book their first appointments. We are glad to have Olivia support our team and clients especially to fill gaps in our team when we operate for up to 11 hrs a day.


I bring the high fives to our team and customers can’t get enough of the good vibes from good service, atmosphere and working together. My past trade and technical service background helps when working out different address locations and travel times between different home visits, practices or locum needs. I am am also the site manager here looking after our hardware and infrastructure keeping the team connected in your business. When not helping your patients over the phone in your business, I am spending my hard earned dollars on the hobby farm or running my teen kids to their different activities like french classes and athletics events. In the quieter times creating music is a passion.


Sahra brings focus and duty of care to all she works around. Sahra picks up on the different systems easily and has a quiet calmness when communicating with your patients. Sahra outside of GOHealth Caring is completing a double degree at Griffith University and in the process of writing a novel. Sahra also has a leadership role in the Navy Cadets and is a pleasure to be a part of our concierging carer team. Sahra has mentioned a big difference from pervious workplaces is not being yelled at by callers and instead here at GOHealth Reception have calm conversations to help callers with their medical needs.


Michelle has been scheduling professionals for years and takes pride in taking into account peoples personal situations to ensure they can meet their committments and attend their appointments. Michelle enjoys coming to work and being involved in different client needs and considerations.


Debra brings intensive knowledge and relevant experience with office administration and supporting managers in large business. Debra is keen to broadening her experience around the medical industry. Let's bring some business care to healthcare.


Theresa thrives in a fast pace environment and encourages a positive environment to work around. Here at GOHealth Reception we love people who love knowing how things work and want to understand the world.


Customer care never gets old even for me as the Captain. Experience has seen people after one of our calls turn and treat their families and staff better and engage more with their health professional to improve their lives instead of staying in pain cycles. Being apart of bringing the potential or existing patients to the business, addressing options to attend and hearing the hope for their health and lives makes our business life here worth it. When IAndrea is not brainstorming with business owners or answering your calls, you will find her escaped on the urban farm. Aminals are her true love and ensure sanity. Why go to the gym to exercise when you can be in service and out there with animals ensuring their time on earth is wellness. The best ideas and thoughts in business come from being around and providing for animals. Be careful about asking about Andrea's urban farm life because she can talk your ear off. Andrea is also keenly invested in the amazing Speckle Park Cattle genetics.


Working behind the scenes because I enjoy the checks, spreadsheets and invoicing. You generally see my name on your invoice emails and often help our Operations Captain responding to your business customer questions. For several years now I have worked with the team allowing me more flexibility with my family and still feeling an important part of the operations of Local Customer Carers by completing the needed support tasks that I am naturally great at.