Customers do not ring your business to have their personal details, data entered but still in Australia we are seeing poor phone customer care and the invitation to the potential customers to engage badly and then not come and spend a dollar in your business.


Phone call traffic to your business has not slowed because of  Siri, Alexa, Cortana, google map and internet quick searching to find your business.  In fact phone call traffic to businesses remains strong with one important difference.   The caller to a business phones because they have a question, need definitely help, scheduling assistance or are closer to making the decision to attend or book with your business and spend a dollar.

This is because a caller already has their online searches open at the same time or done prior to personally connecting.

3 main reason customers call your business and it is not to be a tyre kicker;

  1.  Ascertaining Trust :-  Is what I have seen as your online presence  Eg: website, social media page true?  Is this business what I thought it is and is it safe to proceed?
  2. Get permission and be invited to participate, take an appointment and look at options for them.
  3. Obtain immediate answers to questions around : service inclusions, referral requirements, rules of engagement, travel, location, attendance flexibilities or delivery.

    Go Team Carer Laura – here to be present and answer with an informative approach to phone calls.

An inbound reception or virtual representative needs to be able to read a knowledgebase guide of your business.  Then apply this to the live conversation.  No call script allows for the variables that come from a live verbal exchange and your calling customer does not know your script.  Providing combinations of information to answers questions, asked in different ways, helps the best.  Sounds logical – Yes.

AT GO Health Reception, the GO Health Carer, needs to convert business guide info in a conversation that exceeds the expectations of the caller.  The caller then feels heard and your service business is best supported.  The evidence is in the number of appointments, orders or bookings in your business.  The evidence is in the customer feedback and the retention of existing business through life changes.

Doing reception for years is not enough if you are not actually doing customer care within each calling interaction.

Ensure you or your reception team have the training and tools without the expectation that they should know.  If you find managing reception employees too tricky or you are missing important paying calls, we are happy to help.  Call to chat with Australian GO Health Reception Carers who are proactive and work within your client systems.  We strive to be better than any inhouse reception in your practise.

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